A Simple Plan: Bail

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About Bail Bonds.

In an instance where you find yourself in a situation where you are being accused of a crime spending some time in jail can be a nightmare. You are guilt if it is verified that you committed the crime, before all that can be done you could avoid spending any time in a jail if you make bail. When a judge allows you to be free until the day of the trial they do so with some guarantee that you will be back from you that you will not take off. The agreement is the bail bond and can be in form of cash, property bond, secured bond or signature bond. Should the accused fail to show up on the day of trial, the court will go ahead and confiscate the bond and issue an arrest warrant of the accused.

However, a lot of factors are taken into consideration when deciding on the bond and in some cases the defendant may be denied the bail. The first thing a judge will look at will be the criminal history of the accused, if there is a criminal record before then it’s a possibility that the bail could be set higher than what would likely be given. The intensity of the crime also will affect the bail amount with some crimes bail could be denied to prevent the accused from fleeing. If the judge assumes that the accused might fail to show on the day of the trail they will set the bail even higher.

As the accused you might need the services of a bondsman who will be your guarantor and pledge what is required in bail on your behalf. But before the bondsman can post your bail they will need some security from you which could be something that carries value enough to be used as collateral. Banks and insurance companies have been known to act as guarantors for bail but they are reluctant with it because the risk associated with bail could be great. Bondsmen are your best shot to be out in a couple of houses because they are out to serve their customers and secure their release.

When looking for a bondsman to sort you out you need to make sure that they are licensed to operate because you want somebody who will see you free at the end of the day and one who meets legal requirements at the same time. Another fact of bail companies and bail agents is that they will need to know your Personal Information such as if you have valuable assets to assess if you are a flight risk. Your family or friends will be looking for a bail agent being that you will be in jail. With the bail posted you will be free in a short time.

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