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Why You Have to Get Flood Insurance

Flood is mainly defined as the excess flow of tidal or inland waters with runoff or fast accumulation of the surface water from a certain source, and a collapse of a certain land mass due to excessive erosion because of landslides and mudslides that cause both underground or ground water to accumulate. All homeowners and renters must safeguard their properties by buying flood insurance.

Depending on what you like, the flood insurance could cover all contents or just some portions of it. If you have your own house, you must buy both. If you are renting a house or an apartment, you could only choose the buy the personal property flood insurance. The flood coverage covers all your property that are both damaged or destroyed due to flooding.

Most homeowners think that flood insurance is just a waste of their money especially if their property is not located in a flood prone area. Unfortunately, majority of homeowners have unpaid claims in regards to their homeowner’s insurance and along the way, they just find out that flood insurance is not part of the homeowner’s policy.

Sure enough, the flood insurance can grant every homeowner a peace of mind; this is similar to other forms of insurances that are best bought in advanced. It is not easy to portray that your neighborhood’s streets are flooded even though you have not witness anything like that before. Moreover, it a lot more difficult to accept that a flood has damaged or destroyed your personal properties.

Floods usually occur in places wherein hurricanes and tropical rains are apparent because these places are where rivers will absorb the melted snow on springtime. In addition, the flash rains could cause severe floods too because the dried land normally requires more time in absorbing the rainwaters. The old villages that have clogged storm drains are usually more prone to flood. Also, the newer subdivisions, too, can have clogged water drainage system because of construction debris, etc. These new villages would definitely increase the chance to have flood. The forests and meadows are known to absorb water perfectly. Once the city is just covered with cements, then there is a high tendency that it could cause flood because rainwaters do not have any place to go.

Most homeowners think that buying flood insurance is just a waste of money, and they usually decide to purchase it if a storm is near their town; take note that this is not the best time to purchase such insurance because no insurance company would sell this to you at that moment. This is the primary reason why a flood insurance should be bought right ahead of time so that whenever a disaster comes, you are 100% prepared to face all its consequences.

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