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Bunded Fuel Tank – Its Types and Importance

The design of bunded fuel tank is specifically to ensure that the storage and distribution of fuels like diesel, red diesel, kerosene and gas oils are safe. Tanks of this kind usually are composed of pumps that are either hard or electricity operated with an automatic shut-off nozzles, dispensing hoses and sockets that would lead to the connection with the generator set or with the heating system.

Bunded fuel tank comes in various kinds and one of them is bunded steel tanks that are in small and medium sizes. This tank fits the requirements of the user, whether in storing and dispensing different fuel products like biodiesel, diesel, heating oil, red diesel and other types of oils. Whenever there are latest regulations, these tanks will be manufactured to meet these new set of rules.

The second type of tank is the bunded steel gravity feed tanks which are used in small and medium fueling operations where the sites do not have available power like in farm areas.

The single skin steel fuel storage tank is another type of bunded fuel tank ideal for domestic storage, and fuel products like diesel and be easily stored in this type of tank. This type is popular because of its safety and durability compared to the other types of tanks, thus this comes in both commercial and domestic varieties.

In the case of a plastic bunded fuel tank, it usually produced using the latest technology by being molded with seams or weld that will ensure no incidents of leakages or spillages.

Over the other types of fuel tanks, the use of plastic bunded tank is beneficial and advantageous thus making it useful in both commercial and domestic uses. If you want a customized tank, it can be done to your specifications without compromising safety and quality.

Know that there are strict measures governing fuel storage, thus the construction of a plastic bunded tank is different from other tanks because it follows these measures. Compared to a single skinned fuel tank, the plastic bunded tank is safer because it has an inner tank that is well protected making it less susceptible to vandalism and other incidents. This type of fuel tanks is becoming a nice in the industry, making its popularity widen, because it is less prone to corrosion in harsh environments versus to an ordinary fuel storage tanks.

Be aware that a good bunded fuel tank should feature a proper steel on top that cannot be easily punctured that would result to leakages. Take note that leakages would lead to losses of the owner in commercial use and accidents of a major level.

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